K-12 Data Warehouse

As pressure mounts on school districts to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness and accountability, school districts are investigating the use of technology to enable data-driven decisions. Today, school districts collect a lot of data, most of the information is stored in disparate systems making it difficult to access and analyze. A data warehouse strategy will alleviate a district’s need to aggregate data from different systems repeatedly.

MindSphere’s educational focused solution is a comprehensive singular repository of information specifically designed for analysis and reporting, enabling administrators to make data-driven decisions. The solution allows for:

Major Features

Standard Modules

MindSphere’s K-12 Solution includes the following modules that may be configured to meet your specific needs for analysis, reporting and monitoring.

Program Cost Analysis
Provides for an objective approach to the evaluation of instructional programs, equipping district with the cost intelligence to drive improvements. It establishes the "True Cost" at the class level.

Master Class Schedule
Provides for comprehensive analysis and reporting on classes with information such as sections offered, seats filled and staff credentials (e.g., experience, college degree).

Staff Profile
Provides for comprehensive analysis and reporting on staff demographics and professional credentials.

General Ledger
Provides for comprehensive analysis and reporting on the district's budget and expenses by fund, function, object, organization, program intent or by any way your district uses the accounting string.

Position Management and Stipend
Provides for comprehensive analysis and reporting of all positions and stipends across the district.

Future Enhancements

MindSphere is continuing to expand the data warehouse to include data analysis capabilities in the following areas:

Enterprise Architecture

The K-12 Data Warehouse architecture is based on Microsoft’s Data Warehousing framework, Microsoft .Net technology and a Microsoft SQL Server database with rich data integration methods and data cleansing routines. Its comprehensive data cleansing process analyzes the data from different silos and reports in detail the data that may be inconsistent. This provides a vehicle for continuous data quality improvements.

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