About MindSphere Technology Group

MindSphere Technology Group, LLC was founded in 2001 by seasoned Information Technology professionals with the mission of improving the quality of the IT experience for our customers through process, talent, technology and innovation. This mission was partly driven by the founders' personal experiences in buying IT services. We understand the receiving end and recognize the opportunity to make a difference.


We are certified as a HUB and CISV by the State of Texas.

MindSphere Difference - Our 4 Rs Commitment to Our Customers

We are proud of our 4 Rs Commitment to our customers that differentiates MindSphere from other consulting companies. MindSphere consistently strives to provide our customers with:

Repeatable processes and best practices
Our services are based on proven repeatable processes and best practices that will deliver quality the first time, every time.

Responsive to our customer's expressed needs
We will build customer relationships by listening to their needs and consistently respond with the right solution. Every relationship will be based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

Recruit and retain the best talent
We will hire and retain the best talent available and maximize their opportunities for success through ownership sharing, growth opportunities and financial rewards.

Risk-sharing on results
We stand behind everything we do even to the point where we are willing to accept financial risk on customer-engagement results.

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